A / V / W

Audio + Video + Web
“Bless our God.  O peoples.  And sound his praise abroad.” Psalm 66:8 NKJV
Audio and video is an integral part of almost every ministry at Calvary Chapel Signal Hill.  The heart of our ministry is to facilitate other ministries to be heard and seen. We are here to hold up the arms of other ministries so that they can be even more effective in what they do for the Lord. If we do our ministry well, nobody notices that we are there; this is actually the goal of the audio and video ministry. We want to amplify the other ministries while going unnoticed.

Currently, volunteers in the Audio and Video Ministry provide support for all Sunday services, Women’s Studies, Men’s Studies, Thursday Night Bible Studies, and Special Events. We do this by ensuring that all sound and video equipment are on and functioning, providing a good audio mix for the sanctuary and live video, and presenting any media to the congregation. In addition to having a committed relationship with Jesus Christ, ministry applicants must regularly attend Calvary Chapel Signal Hill consistently for a minimum of six months.  Although it is our preference to recruit people with audio/visual experience, no previous experience is required because we will provide all the necessary training. We simply look for willing and humble hearts to serve.  For more information or to get involved, please fill out and submit the email form available through our Contact link.  Thank you for your interest in the Audio and Video Ministry, and may God bless you!